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Different Kinds of Camping Showers
Recreational campers arent the only people who use camping showers. Since camping showers are pretty much just fancy enclosures with some sort of water heating system, they are perfect for hunters, people on job sites, and even in the military. You can find camping showers set up after natural disasters by the Red Cross or other emergency officials, and even used as decontamination stations after a gas leak or chemical attack.
There are two basic types of camping showershot water and cold water. Every other difference between camping showers is either about size or features. Why a person would choose a cold water camping shower is beyond me, though they are cheaper, smaller, and easier to haul around.

Just because you are on an extended camping trip, doesnt mean you cant take a little bit of civilization with you. Camping can be dirty business and being able to take a nice warm shower after a long day of hiking, fishing, or just basking in nature can ease you into a nice relaxing evening. Fortunately, there are a few different types of camping showers to choose from that you can take along to make this happen.

Many sporting goods stores and camping outfitters offer portable nylon shelters with steel frames that easy to put together. One such shelter is 4 feet by 4 feet and over 7 feet tall. It has a large zippered door, windows that can be zipped open or closed, a hanging bar on the outside for your clothes and towel. There is even a shower rack made of mesh for your soap and shampoo. Sounds cozy, you say, but where is the actual shower part of this shower? Shower shelters like this either come with solar camp showers or you can buy them separately. A solar camping shower is lightweight 4 or 5-gallon containers with hoses and a nozzle. Fill the bag with water from a stream or lake and leave it in the direct sunlight for about three hours. The sun becomes your water heater. To take your shower, suspend the water bag above the shower shelter and run the tubing with adjustable nozzle through the top and you are all set. There should be enough water for about 5 showers.

If you are camping by a stream and have your vehicle with you, there is another option that can provide you with unlimited hot showers while camping. This camp shower uses your engines coolant system to heat the water from any nearby water source. Part of the showers equipment is a heat exchanger that is easily mounted in the engine compartment. You can leave it there permanently so you dont have to remount it for every camping trip. After the heat exchanger is mounted, it is set up so that the hot water that runs from the engine to the car heater passes through the heat exchanger. Start your vehicle and warm up the engine. When its time for a shower, connect the pump that comes with the portable camping shower system to the battery. Now, connect the three hoses that come with the shower system. One connects to the pump while the other end is placed in the water source. The second hose goes from the pump to the heat exchanger. The third hose is attached to the other end of the heat exchanger while the other end is your showerhead. Whether you use a shower shelter or nothing at all is up to you.
If you love camping and would like the extra comfort while on long trips then camping showers are for you. Also, If you will be in very cold weather consider a camping heater to add to your equipment. Vehicle-mounted Camping Showers
There are different types of car-mounted camping showers, though most of them use your vehicles coolant system to heat the water for your shower. This means that youll need to have a car with a water-cooled engine. The only other thing you need to use a vehicle-mounted camping shower is a water source. Luckily, this can be standing water, a bucket full of water, or even a hose.
Part of the installation of vehicle-mounted camping showers involves permanently attaching part of the shower mechanism to your cars engine compartment. This can be done without damaging the engine or affecting its power, and makes using the vehicle-mounted shower really easy.
The vehicle-mounted shower is easy to use, and as long as your vehicle runs, provides unlimited hot water. You just hook up the pump to the cars battery, one side of the hose to your water source, and the other side of the hose to your shower partition (usually not included). Because the hose runs through a heat exchanger mounted to your vehicles engine, you get really hot water nearly instantly.
Camping showers bring some of the comfort of home to your camping or outdoor trip. You can use camping showers at times other than camping of coursemany groomers use devices like this in their travelling groomer business, as they are easy to set up and maintain.
The next time youre planning a camping trip, consider bringing along a camping shower. You may be surprised at how many people are excited about a camping trip as long as they can have their hot water shower.

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